Restorationof alpha-2-macroglobulin (a broad spectrum protease inhibitor) in blood can cure many diseases.

Mohammad M. Khan, MBBS., PhD. Biomark Bangladesh Foundation, 106, Hosna Centre, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh. Author contact:

Reviewed by Naseem Mahmud, MBBS, PhD, DTM, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, United Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Recently, we had investigated plasma concentration of A2M, in different patients’ blood (n=31, randomly chosen) who were admitted in a hospital with different kind of diseases in Bangladesh. A2M concentration were 4 fold lower than controls (n=31). In contrast, protease activity level went up, almost 10 fold (1,2,3).

Figure. 1. Proteases were found in different diseases are belonged to following groups.  A2M inhibits all types of proteases.  

Protease inhibitors are used as drugs in many diseases for long time (4) (Table 1). Targeting drugs against different type of protease may be less effective and less successful. But targeting all types of proteases by using a broad spectrum protease inhibitor, A2M may be more beneficial in the treatment of many diseases (Figure 1). A2M inhibits not only protease(s), it is continuously removing redundant chemicals from our body, such as growth factors; cytokines; hormones; soluble beta-amyloid etc. which causes many diseases (1,2,5).

Table 1. Protease inhibitors are used as drugs in many diseases. 

One day, we might be protected from many diseases by analyzing the level of A2M in the blood, and replenishing diminished levels of A2M in the blood by the method of treatment “A2M-ShopAnn Systems” whenever we fall ill (1,2,3, 6). The onset of a disease only occurs when A2M levels in the body are diminished, thus allowing proteases to harm the body (1, 2). Proteases begin by damaging the body’s defense systems, and, as a result, humans fall ill. Therefore, it can easily be said that, if after a blood test, A2M levels are suboptimal and these lost levels of A2M are replaced in the blood, it is possible to stop any disease at onset. The importance of analysis of the levels of A2M in the blood as well as protease(s) may be a new milestone for the direction of treatment of many diseases and open a new window in medical science (3).

Since A2M is a broad spectrum protease inhibitor, it can inhibit any kind of protease (Figure 1) released in the pathophysiology of diseases. 

This new innovation in the field of medicine may play a vital role in saving lives of all living creatures in the world such as human, plants, fishes as well as whole animal kingdom (6). 


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