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Rare Disease Day - February 28, 2016

Organized by Foundation for Research on Rare  Diseases and Disorders, Rare Diseases India, 

Coovam Lizards and Periyar Nagar Public Library, Chennai 600 082, Tamil Nadu

அரிய நோய் விழிப்புணர்வு நாள்

Periyar Nagar public library at Chennai hosted an awareness talk and audio visual presentation to commemorate Rare Disease Day. Students and adults participated in the event which also coincided with India's National Science Day. The latter observance is to celebrate Indian science in general and also specifically the discovery of Raman Scattering (Raman Effect). 

Highlighting rare diseases, Dr. Duraiswamy Navaneetham emphasized the need for its awareness. He explained the characteristics of a handful of rare diseases and disorders, both genetic and infectious, that are seen in Chennai and other parts of the country. 

A short movie, 'ALONE, with Rare Disease' was screened on Rare Disease Day to make the audience better understand this compelling issue.

The talk also had discussions on a few science concepts including Raman Effect, 3D vision in humans and geomagnetism.

The program concluded with a science quiz that fetched prizes for the keen audience.